Berkeley Investment Advisors
Berkeley Investment Advisors provides advice on all aspects of wealth management, including sophisticated money management services. Each client has their own separate account (insured by SIPC) with allocations across our different strategies tailored to each client's needs. We also advise and represent our clients in direct purchases of investment real estate

What We Offer:

Why Berkeley Investment Advisors?


Why Intelligent Investment?

It sounds like a silly question but it's directed at the underlying divisions in the investment management industry: passive versus active management. Ray Meadows CIO of Berkeley Investment Advisors is one of the rare investment managers who have successfully implemented an analytically driven, long term, active investing strategy. His methodology eliminates most of the emotional biases and allows him to exploit his strengths and deliver superior returns. For further background on the relationships between human psychology, risk taking, and returns click the links below:

Ray Meadows on CBS

Ray Meadows was interviewed for 45 minutes in August 2010 by a CBS Evening News reporter about his risk reduction stance. See the nine second condensed version left – Ray is the 2nd commentator after Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke.

Ray Meadows on Nordens Nyheter